Sacred Space

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First Sunday each month
6.30 - c.7.15 p.m.
Christ Church, Crowton
(Station Road, CW8 2RW)
A quiet time in a peaceful place
Bathe in the stillness
Drink in God’s Word
Be refreshed by the Holy Spirit
Go out soothed and equipped for the week ahead
Once a month at Christ Church, Crowton, we host a quiet time for reflection and contemplation, a little space in our full lives for mystery, reverence and awe. Each month we choose a Word of God, and we let that Word speak to us through a variety of media, drawing on the full breadth of Christian tradition. Periods of silence are interspersed with meditative music and prayers, and our worship is crafted to appeal to all the senses. We may participate or simply sit and be. This is unashamedly ‘me’ time: we can slip in and out anonymously and enjoy some moments dedicated solely to deepening our one-to-one dialogue with our God and Creator. Everyone is welcome.
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10