Descriptions of New Services

10.00am Holy Communion – 1st, 3rd, 4th Sundays
A formal act of worship using contemporary language and a mix of conventional and contemporary hymns and worship songs, building to the sacrament of Holy Communion.
Children of all ages are welcome to join in the first part of the worship; there is then separate Bible-based, lively and interactive provision for those aged 0-School Year 6, while adults enjoy Bible readings, sermon and prayer. Children join us again as we prepare to celebrate communion together.
Worship lasts around one hour and refreshments are served afterwards.
Children’s provision is known as Kids Zone on Sundays and ties in with the monthly mid-week Kids Zone.
6.30pm - Sacred Space – Crowton
30-45 minutes out of the hustle of 21st century living. This is a contemplative act of worship by candlelight. Bible-based reflections are interspersed with quiet music and periods of silence. We use our senses to promote personal contemplation of the mysteries of God and our relationship with the divine. Come to drink in the stillness and leave in peace, refreshed for the week ahead.

8.30am BCP Holy Communion - 2nd Sunday – Crowton
A traditional spoken service of Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer. The service is short (around 30 minutes) and peaceful, with only a brief sermon, and people depart immediately afterwards.
10.00am Family Service – 2nd SundayKingsley
A relaxed informal, interactive act of worship lasting around an hour. Contemporary worship songs with lyrics on screen and accompanied by a band, and presentations of Bible texts through drama, poetry, film or other media. There are games and activities for the children and adults alike. Talks include personal accounts of the way Jesus has been working in our lives. Refreshments are served.
6.30pm Evening Prayer – 2nd Sunday – Norley
A traditional formal service of Evensong with organ music, incorporating scriptures from Old and New Testaments and sung hymns, psalms and canticles.
5th Sundays
As in the past these will take on a different format according to the season.
All appropriate for all ages and offering an opportunity for the church family to enjoy deepening our faith and fellowship together.

Midweek Communion
On Thursdays at 10:00am we hold a spoken service of Holy Communion. The service takes about half-an-hour, including a brief sermon, and refreshments are served afterwards. It is a formal, structured act of worship, but we use contemporary language and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Everyone is welcome.
We move around the benefice week by week: you can find out where Midweek Communion is taking pace by looking on the NCK website ( or in the parish magazine.