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Kid'Zone and MessChurch

Our next Kid's Zone and Messy Church on Zoom  will be on Wednesday the 17th March at 6pm. There will be singing, crafts and we will be continuing the story of Joseph.  The story so far, Joseph's brothers were jealous of him and have sold him to strangers who have taken him to Egypt to sell as a slave.  Joseph became a slave to Potifer, someone who was high up in Pharoh's court. Joseph quickly gained favour with Potifer but Potifer's wife told a lie about him and so he ended up in prison. whilst he was there Pharoh's cupbearer and baker were thrown into prison.  Each of them had had a dream that they didn't understand so they asked Joseph to interpret their dreams which he did. He accurately predicted that the cupbearer would be reinstated in his position of cupbearer but sadly the baker would die. What will happen next?

For the crafts you will need scissors, a piece of paper, crayons, a large paper plate.  Why not come and join us and see?

You will be able to access the event via and click on the Kid's Zone/Messy Church link.

Sharon and Audrey

Just to say we are both DBS cleared

Sharon McLean